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A few words about quality

We wanted to take a minute to share some thoughts on quality. We tried out a new restaurant today that had some pretty positive reviews online. The pictures on Yelp looked promising, and they had some really tasty looking desserts listed. So, we hopped in the car and made the 32 minute drive across town to check them out.
Upon arrival, we were met by the proprietor of the restaurant. He welcomed us, and directed us to our table himself. After making small talk for a bit, he started explaining to us why his restaurant was worth the drive. He told us how his family makes every dish from scratch, using the finest ingredients that he orders from Greece (this was a Greek restaurant). He made sure to point out the areas where he could have cut corners, but chose to put the extra time and money in to do it right.

After we left the restaurant, We started thinking about the things that the owner had said. It occurred to us that we agreed with many of his ideas when it comes to quality. It also occurred to us that we really haven’t shared our list with you guys like the restaurant owner did with us.

If this is your first time to our website, or your first exposure to macarons, you may have asked yourself “why are these cookies 30 bucks?”  If you asked that question, we completely understand.  Prior to trying macarons ourselves, our idea of “good” cookies were fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  And, you could get a dozen of those chocolate chip cookies at the mall for 10 bucks.  So, when we bought our first macarons from Laduree in Paris for $40 a dozen, we definitely experienced some sticker shock.  “How could anyone justify charging that much for cookies”, we asked in disbelief.

What we didn’t realize at the time was what went into making Parisian style macarons.  Now, for several obvious reasons, we can’t tell you every step of the process involved in making our macarons.  However, we do want to share the basics with you so that you can better see the value of what you purchase from us.

So, here goes..

  • Almond flour is sifted multiple times to ensure smooth shells
  • Egg whites aged, meticulously measured, and whipped to perfection
    Almond flour and meringue are manually combined by hand (fairly strenuous work)
  • Shells piped onto baking sheets, air bubbles removed, and left to dry (for a long time)
  • Shells baked
  • Filling mixed/whipped, most often made completely from scratch (generally from fresh in-season fruit)
  • Shell quality check (every shell individually inspected for imperfections under magnification)
  • Shells filled and dressed
  • Finished product quality check – This is the point where many macarons don’t make the cut, and are tossed out. This increases our production cost, but it’s worth it to only send out the absolute best product.
  • Macarons packaged, boxed, and shipped

Total time to make one dozen macarons: 1hr 58 minutes

So, long story short, if you have ever said what we said when you saw the price tag on your macarons, we hope that you now have a better feel for how many man hours go into each dozen that you order.  There are definitely a few shortcuts available when making macarons.  Some of our competitors have decided to stop making their macarons to order, because it takes too much time and hurts the bottom line.

The bottom line is this: When you purchase macarons from Macarooz, your order is made specially, and only for you.  We don’t send you yesterday’s macarons.  We always use the finest ingredients that we can find, always make as much of the order as we can from scratch, and never cut corners to save a few pennies.  Additionally, as stated earlier, we spend nearly 2 hours preparing every dozen that you purchase.

When you order from Macarooz, you can feel confident that you have just purchased the finest dessert available anywhere.

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