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What are MacPoints?

So what are MacPoints and why are they so important? Well by signing up on our website, you become a member of the Macarooz’s community and each time you purchase an order and write a review about the flavor you purchased, you will gain 5pts in your account (That’s 2 points for ordering, and 3 points for reviewing).
Earn 40pts and you will be eligible to get a FREE dozen!

It’s just that simple! Simply click on the link located on the upper right corner on our home page that says “Login/Register”, enter your email address & Password and you’re all set! You will have another chance to register during the check out process as well – just in case you got too excited picking out a flavor to register in the beginning 🙂

Lastly, remember to post a review of your order so you get the extra 3 MacPoints.  Basically, if you review each new Macarooz flavor that you order, you will earn 5 MacPoints every time!

What if you don’t want to use your 40pts immediately? That is okay – no pressure. You can save your points up to however many you want until you are ready to use them. 80pts = 2 FREE dozen, 120pts = 3 FREE dozen and so on.

So remember to register because all good things happen to those who are members 🙂

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