Macarons for Weddings and Events

  • 2 min read

When it comes to weddings you usually think cake, but many couples have been switching things up and incorporating macarons into their special day. These delicate French treats can be a great addition to not just weddings, but also to a wide variety of events like engagement parties and birthdays.

Macarons are excellent for events because of the vast possibilities in not only flavor but also in presentation. Here are some of our favorite macaron dessert ideas for your next wedding or event.

Complete Cookie Customization!

Customize your next event with a wide variety of macaron options that can be made to fit your theme.

  • If you have certain accent colors or a party theme you can order macarons online to match. This makes for great displays and adds that pop of color that will wow your guests.
  • Traditional macarons consist of two shells and a filling but jazzing up your display with fresh fruits and complementing flavors is always a winner.

Accent Pieces and Displays

Now that we have our cookies customized to match our event, we can work on displaying them. There are many ways that you can display macarons that will have them catching people’s eyes and enhancing the overall visual feel of your wedding or event.

  • A popular way to present your macarons is by using a tiered tower holder that can display an Ombré of one color, a mixture of colors, or an entire rainbow if you would like!
  • Another popular way to display macarons is by placing them on a cone or tree-shaped structures, secured with either toothpicks or icing. You can alternate colors or add other elements like flowers and themed accessories.
  • You can have your cake, and cookies too! Some people have been using cakes to display their macarons by placing them on different tiers.

Place Cards and Escort Cards

The best kinds of escort and place cards are not “cards” at all, they are macarons! Print your guests’ names or get crafty with labeled toothpicks and give your guests a personalized experience that will give your event that elegant feel.

Favors and Gifts

Not only do they brighten up any event, but they also make amazing gifts or party favors for guests of all ages.

  • Add macarons to a clear or on-themed box for guests to take home and enjoy. Who wants mints when they can have macarons?!
  • Macarons can also be an amazing addition to corporate functions and make great gifts for any boss or co-worker.

What do you think? Would you consider adding macarons to your next event?