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August 2014

Love at First Bite

It all started when our founders were gifted macarons from family in France. While it was love at first bite, they knew these wonderful little treats could be so much more than the traditional flavors that they had. Most of the French flavors were not suitable for the American palate.

October 2014

Macarooz is Born

So, they began testing flavor combinations and macaron shell recipes until the first flavors were ready. The focus was on what they called three dimensional flavors that would reveal a different level of flavor with each bite!

Once they had perfected their recipes, the two decided it was time to turn this thing into a business!

They decided to call this great new business Macarooz! To this day they still can't seem to agree on who came up with the name, but we can't imagine a better name for the best macarons in the world!

December 2014


For the first few years, the founders operated Macarooz from their home kitchen making orders for family, friends, and friends of friends. Some days were overwhelming, such as special occasions and holidays because it was just the two of them in a little kitchen with 1 mixer and 4 hands. But it made all of the hard work worth it seeing so many people enjoying their Macarooz.

August 2016


At this point, it was time for the company to grow up. The founders leased space hourly in a shared commercial kitchen space to allow the company to grow. Since the shared kitchen space was booked up during the day, they had to bake during the late night - early morning hours. The two worked all through the night every day to make their treats. They went to the store to source ingredients, prepped those ingredients, and manually mixed, piped, baked, boxed, and shipped thousands of cookies themselves for the next 4 years. 12+ hours a day, every day, for 4 years!



Today, we have a fantastic growing team that produces and ships millions of Macarooz products around the world each year from our production facility in Houston, TX.

Our talented staff of culinary professionals have created so many industry first products like our Mac Pops. And, have continued to better recipes and methods used in the star of the show - our macarons. They just keep getting better!

We have been so fortunate as a company to have so many great people working with us that are just as passionate about making the very best macaron products found anywhere in the world.

From our founders home kitchen to today, the mission has not changed. We produce the absolute best super premium macaron products available anywhere!