100% satisfaction guarantee

If your order isn’t right, we’ll make it right every time. No need to write an essay or haggle to get what you paid for. We promise!

100% Handmade with Love

If you’ve never seen macarons being made, please believe that they are a lot of work! At their core macarons were originally a French creation that require a lot of human labor and input to make. Macarooz makes millions of macaron products a year. And, every batch that we make is still folded by hand. And, any member of our baking staff will tell you that folding our enormous batches by hand takes some serious muscles!

Additionally, every single macaron that we make is filled by one of our fantastic fillers! These superheroes literally fill thousands of macarons by hand from a piping bag every day!

These fantastic humans that create our macaron products operate by incredibly high quality standards. They ensure that the products that you purchase are always the correct size, shape, weight, free from imperfections, and are filled perfectly to the edge of the macaron shells every single time. They are amazing!

Our Mac Pops add on to all of the work listed above (they are made from our macarons after all!), by adding the steps of turning the macarons into the pop form, coating them with our chocolate coating and sprinkles (a lot harder than it sounds), ensuring they look perfect, and are packaged perfectly to go to your home. All.By.Hand!!!

This handmade approach allows for a much more intimate degree of quality control. When your order goes out, we know that we are without question sending you the absolute best macaron product available anywhere in the world!

SQF Certified for food safety

We take our commitment to creating safe quality food for our customers incredibly seriously.

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification is an incredibly stringent international food safety certification that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This certification means that we have extensive controls in place to manage food safety risks.

We focus on food safety and quality at every step in our manufacturing processes. We regularly lab test our products, work surfaces, water, and air to ensure we are in full control of any potential hazards that could occur like food borne illnesses, plastic or metal traces in our products, chemicals in our water supply, and many more issues that could occur during food production.

We are audited annually to ensure that we are maintaining these high standards. GFSI certifications like ours are currently considered to be the gold standard in food production internationally.

100% Gluten Free

We make sure all the ingredients we source to make our macarons and Mac Pops are Gluten-Free, always.

Instructions / Care

Our Macarons and Mac Pops are fresh food. They are at their best during the first 15 days of delivery.Make sure you store your Macarooz goods in the refrigerator in their original airtight packaging if you do not finish them in one sitting.