They say that life is a piece of cake but… we think our mac pops are a better representation

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Mac popsWhat is your favorite kind of sweet? Do you like macarons, or is it cake pops that float your boat?

Well for us it’s both…let us explain.

We love the flavor of macarons & the convenience of cake pops. Mash them together and you haveMac Pops!

We have created the first macaron pop, giving you that gluten-free deliciousness in popsicle form. They not only taste incredible, but they also look adorable.

The difference between Cake Pops and Mac Pops

Cake Pops and Mac Pops look quite similar. However, in substance Cake Pops are made of cake while Mac Pops are made of macarons. Mac Pops are also gluten-free while Cake Pops are not.

Most of the Cake Pops we found were:

❌ Too sweet and gooey

❌ Not gluten-free

❌ High in fat and saturated fat

❌ Had a super short shelf life

❌ Melted and were easily crushed in transit

How we came up with the idea 

As we looked at the macarons on the market (and spent years creating a higher-quality version 💅), we took a look at other American bakery items that would benefit from a revamp.

And that’s when we saw it. Cake Pops! 😮

There was so much potential there, because everything we found in the market was too sweet, not gluten-free, had a super short shelf life, and was high in fat.

So, once we identified the items holding the cake pop back all these years, we began working on a higher-quality version. 💪

Now, in our humble opinion, macarons make everything better. So we decided to work with macarons instead of cake…  

And so, the Mac Pop was born!

Mac pop flavors

Our delicious Mac Pops come in various different flavors.

Mimosa- Bright citrusy orange macaron with sparkling champagne, covered in an orange chocolate coating and festive sprinkles.

Chocolate and Coconut - Coconut macarons and mini chocolate chips, dipped in luscious coatings of chocolate and garnished with sweetened shredded coconut.

Birthday Cake - Cake batter macarons and a rich buttercream to deliver a pop that was made for good times. 

Chocolate Chip - Chocolate chip macarons, perfectly blended with a silky buttercream and coated with a sprinkled chocolate shell.

Cinnamon Toast - Cinnamon toast crunch cereal Mac Pop, topped with cinnamon graham crackers.

Cookies n Cream - Cookies'n creme macarons with creamy buttercream.

Fruity Cereal- Multi-colored fruity cereal with a slight hint of vanilla.

Lemon Cake - Lemon Cake macarons combined with a traditional cream cheese frosting.

Raspberry White Chocolate - Delicious Raspberry macarons with raspberry macarons and white chocolate.

Red Velvet - Delicious Red Velvet macarons and a perfect cream cheese frosting to top it off.

(Btw, we guarantee you've never experienced macarons like this before! 🤤)

Are they gluten-free?

Just like our macarons, these treats are 100% certified gluten-free.

We only source gluten-free raw ingredients. We also lab test our ingredients to make sure they do not contain any traces of gluten. We are audited every year by an impartial 3rd party international certification body (BRCGS) to re-certify that our production facility is completely gluten-free.

Lo and behold, almost 2 years after we began the R&D process for Mac Pops, we’ve sold several hundred thousands of Mac Pops from Hawaii to New York to Dubai, and the demand just keeps growing. ✋

Find our Mac Pops at a local grocery store near you!