Flavor Choices


The classic comfort flavors - sweet, delicious and just good for the soul. 

Pistachio, Lychee Rose Raspberry, Chocolate Hazelnut, Sea Salt


Indulge in your fruit fantasies with this collection.

Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Cake, Lychee Rose Raspberry, Fruity Cereal, Blueberry French Toast


For the chocolate lover, we've put together this collection of chocolate flavored macarons. Sure to satiate anyone's chocolate addiction.

Cookie Cake, Red Velvet, Cookies 'n Crème, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Hazelnut

Cookies & Cake

Inspired by the most comforting American desserts we can name, our Cookies & Cake bunch delivers what it advertises. Pure, unadulterated joy in every bite.

Cookie Cake, Red Velvet, Cookies 'n Crème, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Lemon Cake, 

Surprise Me

Let us curate an indulgent assortment of our bestselling flavors. From sweet to whimsical to gourmet chocolate.